The French Association for Cognitive Remediation (Association francophone de rémédiation cognitive, AFRC) is a non-profit association created by Nicolas Franck in 2009. The association brings together psychiatric health professionals involved in cognitive remediation. The AFRC supports a care network structure using these techniques.


AFRC promotes cognitive remediation by developing and validating new assessment tools and treatments, teaching professionals how to use them, standardizing practices and making them available to users via the cognitive remediation network.

AFRC actions

AFRC organizes several scientific events every year (archived programs).

Some events are organized in partnership with the Resource Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Cognitive Remediation (Centre ressource de réhabilitation psychosociale et de rémédiation cognitive, CRR).


Training many professionals in the university degree  “Remédiation Cognitive” (Université Lyon 1) increases the coverage of the French territory in regard of these needs.


A network has been built to standardize assessment and treatment practices, and increase treatment quality. This cognitive remediation network is composed of many centers.

Further information

Collaborative French-speaking books - that describe the main cognitive remediation programs, their indications and how to use them - have been published in 2012, 2014 and 2016 by Elsevier-Masson. Moreover many associations provide online useful resources.